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Taking Insurance Companies To Task For Coverage Failures

An insurance company has just two jobs – to pay covered losses or to defend the policyholder if they are sued. The problem is that insurers are not beholden to those who pay the premiums. They take their cues from the bean counters and shareholders, employing a variety of tactics to deny, delay and downplay legitimate claims.

The Bell Firm has represented individuals, businesses and municipalities in Georgia and South Carolina in high-stakes insurance coverage litigation. This includes representation in sizeable claim denials, lawsuits for insurance bad faith, and class actions for pattern practices that violate state or federal regulations.

Extensive Experience With Insurance Litigation

Augusta trial lawyer John C. Bell has battled major insurers such as Unum, Travelers, MetLife, Cigna, Sun Life, American General (AIG) and Lincoln National. His 50 years of practice include a notable record of recoveries and numerous reported cases in insurance litigation and appeals.

The Bell Firm has experience with all types of coverages, including life insurance, property and casualty claims, business insurance, auto accident liability, ERISA retiree benefits claims and long-term disability claims. We can knowledgeably address many scenarios, including:

  • Failure to pay claims in a timely fashion
  • Unjustified denial of individual claims
  • Systematic denial of categories of claims
  • Failure to properly investigate legitimate claims
  • Refusal to defend the insured
  • Life insurance retained asset accounts in lieu of lump sum payments

We take the tough cases that other firms have declined, including cases involving multiple plaintiffs and multidistrict litigation. John Bell is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of Georgia and South Carolina, and before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 11th circuits.

Need Help With An Insurance Coverage Case?

The Bell Firm regularly gets referrals and inquiries from other law firms when faced with complex insurance litigation. John C. Bell can step in to evaluate the situation and take charge of the case. To discuss your failed coverage matter and our demonstrated abilities, call our Augusta law office at 706-408-8237 or contact us online.