Accomplished And Respected

Trial Advocacy

A Champion For The People In Consumer Fraud And Other Class Actions

In a career spanning more than 50 years, John C. Bell has always been a plaintiff’s lawyer. He has given a voice to victims and helped level the playing field for the underdog and the everyman. This work often takes the form of representing multiple plaintiffs or serving as lead counsel in class actions.

The Bell Firm commonly gets involved when other lawyers in Georgia or South Carolina refer clients to us. They conclude the case is too big or too complex and want to put their client in more capable hands. Some are familiar with John Bell’s successes in the arena of consumer law and class action litigation.

Class Action Success Stories

John C. Bell was lead counsel in a landmark consumer fraud class action that culminated in a $60 million settlement. In other consumer class actions, he has negotiated settlements of $13.5 million and $4 million. His verdicts and settlements also contain many significant recoveries in environmental class actions.

Class action litigation is a big undertaking. From case selection to the “herding cats” aspect of triaging and signing up hundreds of plaintiffs, there is a massive amount of front-end work to even file the lawsuits. Then there is the matter of getting the class certified, lining up experts, taking depositions and engaging the defendants in pretrial negotiations. It requires a substantial investment of time and resources that many firms are not prepared to make.

John Bell has not only shepherded many cases through this arduous process, but he has written scholarly articles and presented numerous seminars for other attorneys. The more complex the case, the more energized he is.

Put Your Case In Good Hands

Through the years, we have helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of classes of plaintiffs who suffered physical or financial harm as a result of fraud, breach of contract, negligence, willful conduct or other actionable torts.

To refer a case or consult with John C. Bell on a potential class action, call our Augusta law office at 706-408-8237 or email us to make arrangements.