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Successful Trial Advocacy In Product Liability Litigation

Product manufacturers have a duty to ensure their wares are reasonably safe before putting them on the market. All too often, those corporations take shortcuts in the design and testing, or knowingly sell unsafe products. The Bell Firm holds them accountable.

Veteran trial lawyer John C. Bell has obtained notable recoveries for plaintiffs injured or killed by dangerous and defective products. He is regularly called in to take over product liability cases involving serious and fatal injuries, including class actions. John is licensed in state and federal courts of Georgia and South Carolina and has litigated in jurisdictions around the U.S.

Plaintiff Lawsuits For Dangerous And Defective Products

Over his 50-year career, John C. Bell has represented injury victims in numerous product liability cases. These include direct lawsuits against manufacturers of unsafe products, as well as joint and several liability for auto defects contributing to motor vehicle accidents or machinery defects contributing to workplace accidents.

The Bell Firm is equipped to handle all categories of product liability, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, vehicle components, building products, power tools, industrial machines, toys and baby products, contaminated foods and other consumer products. These cases require a sophisticated investigation and analysis in conjunction with experts in engineering and manufacturing. We have the resources and resolve to bring product cases to fruition, as evidenced by our list of successful recoveries.

John Bell is well-versed in all facets of product liability law, including:

  • Design defects, such as flammable children’s clothing or auto defects that make vehicles unstable
  • Manufacturing defects, such as negligent assembly or substituting inferior components
  • Failure to warn end users of known dangers or provide clear instructions

He has held product manufacturers and distributors accountable under theories of negligence, strict liability and breach of implied or express warranty.

We Welcome Case Referrals From Other Attorneys

If you do not feel that you have the expertise or bandwidth to do the case justice, contact The Bell Firm in Augusta, Georgia. John C. Bell knows how to manage defective product litigation and counter the defense arguments. You can count on him to vigorously pursue a favorable recovery for your client. Call us at 706-408-8237 or email us here.