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Holding Polluters Accountable For Injuries And Property Damage

It is rare that an industrial accident or chemical exposure harms just one person or harms everyone in the same way. More typically there will be many victims suffering from a range of maladies. The harm may be spread out across both time and geography. One person may suffer life-changing health issues while their co-worker is unscathed. One resident may develop illness shortly after exposure while their neighbor gets sick many years after the fact.

Tying it all together to hold the wrongdoers accountable can be a monumental task. Many lawyers can’t or won’t take toxic tort claims. The Bell Firm is ready and willing to step into that breach. We have made polluters pay in landmark cases of chemical exposure – both injury claims and environmental property damage.

Georgia, South Carolina And Nationwide

John C. Bell is well-known in the Southeast and nationally for his plaintiff work in environmental litigation. He has served as lead counsel in numerous multiplaintiff and class action cases. His many notable recoveries include a $20 million settlement on behalf of workers exposed to mercury on the job, a $45 million verdict for environmental property damage and numerous other multimillion-dollar settlements in environmental class actions. We have handled cases involving lead poisoning, asbestos, carcinogens, caustic chemicals and other hazardous materials.

John is licensed in state and federal courts of Georgia and South Carolina and has litigated pro hac vice in other jurisdictions. In addition to 50 years of litigation practice, he has written and lectured extensively on environmental law and toxic torts, such as the use of expert witnesses and cross-examination of the defense experts.

We Go Where Other Lawyers Fear To Tread

John Bell is uniquely equipped to hold polluters responsible for environmental wrongs. He is well-versed in medical causation, which can be very tricky in toxic chemical cases because of the lag time from exposure to the manifest of symptoms. Some toxins, such as asbestos, are linked to specific illnesses like mesothelioma. Other toxins can cause a range of problems from cancer and blood disorders to infertility and miscarriages. We know how to connect the dots through medical records, public records, subpoenas and depositions, in concert with medical specialists and environmental experts.

The Bell Firm also has the resources and experience to manage mass actions, from obtaining consent forms from victims to getting the class certified. We often take over cases originated by other lawyers, through a fee arrangement. We also provide local counsel, co-counsel and trial consulting services in this niche and very complex area of law.

To discuss a pending or potential case involving chemical poisoning or property contamination, call our Augusta, Georgia, law office at 706-408-8237 or reach out by email.