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Welcome to the Bell Firm Website.

Our aim is to provide information helpful to you. T.V. ads and billboards are a poor source of guidance, lots of bragging, sound and fury, but not a word about who would actually handle your case. Would it even be a licensed lawyer? If a lawyer, what is his record in court? How is he rated by judges and other lawyers? Insurance companies know who always settles and never goes to trial.

And those ads that brag about “millions recovered,” wouldn’t you like to know how much of that went to that advertising lawyer?

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Half a truth is often a great lie.

By that measure, most lawyer billboards and T.V. ads are lies. Do you really want a lawyer who will lie to get your case?

The Bell Firm has never had a billboard or run a T.V. ad.

Most of the cases we handle come from other lawyers and referrals from judges and former clients, folks who know us and know the quality of the work we do for our clients, our perseverance and our successes in court. This website contains a lot of information about us. You need to know who your lawyers are before you hire them.


The Bell Firm’s normal fee for injury claims is a percentage of what is recovered. This is how almost all lawyers are paid for handling injury claims. Ads bragging, “You don’t pay unless we win,” tell you nothing special about that advertising lawyer.

The untold rest of the story is what percentage is being charged?

Forty percent for most car wreck cases is too much. A fee of one third should be enough.

At the Bell Firm, we seek to prepose a fee percentage that is reasonable for each case. The anticipated amount of work, expense and risk varies with each case. So should the fee percentage.

If you are a prospective client needing a lawyer for a serious case, you need to know that it is okay to shop around before you sign. We hope that you will shop around with us. Give us a call at 706-722-2014.